September 16, 2015

Summer in Germany

Summer in Germany has come and gone so fast. It was a pretty hot summer and not having AC on the hottest days was horrible, not gonna lie. We had 4 fans blowing in our direction and drapes closed during the day to stay cool. 
Thankfully, our basement stayed pretty cool during the very hot days and we slept down there and spent most of the day there. 
But no matter the weather, we still had a fantastic summer here and I'm so thankful we get to experience living in Germany. 

We picked strawberries in Wiesbaden and made some delicious treats at home. 

Sesame Street came to visit the kids on base!! Thank you USO. 

We picked some fresh lavender from our backyard.

Took a ride on a ferry to a little beach in Rettbergsaue

Picked flowers and had mini a photoshoot by the field close to our house

Gelato after dinner on Friday nights in Nider-Olm. A charming little town right outside Mainz.

Swimming all day everyday in Nider-Olm Schwimmbad

And more swimming 

More ice cream at the pool 

On the swing after swimming in Mombach

Indoor playground on the day it hit high of 97 outside. 

We spent most days at the pool
by our house 

Playground on base 

Our last pool photo. The next day it got so cold and it's been cold ever since. And we are secretly missing the hot weather. Good thing we have indoor pools here.

We are looking forward to Fall in Germany!! 
We have pumpkin fairs, pumpkin sausage to try and we can't wait for the leaves to change color!

Hope you all had a great summer!! 

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