December 30, 2015

German Christmas Markets

I can't believe I have lived this long and never knew about these amazing Christmas Markets here in Germany and throughout Europe. I'm so happy I get to share these with Vida. 

We visited 4 Christmas markets this month and ate a lot of delicious food. 

Frankfurt Christmas Market: 
                    Candy heaven 

Rudeshiem Christmas Market:

        Tried some Kinderpunch at the market. I couldn't stand the taste of "Gluhwien" which is mulled wine with various spices. The Kinderpunch is similar but without the wine. 

       On the train. 


Mainz Christmas Market,

This was my favorite Christmas market. It's close to our house and a quick bus ride too. 
 This is a extra tall replica of a "Weihnachtspyramide" which translates to Christmas Pyramid. It even spins too. They are very popular throughout Germany now but it originated in the Ore Mountains in Germany. You can find various motifs, forest animals, Angels, managers and people doing everyday things. The levels on the pyramid spin with the help of candles. As the heat rises it spins the propeller above. 

Another market, another carousel. 
       Chilly morning at the market. The carousel had blankets for the kids to use. 

           Such a beautiful night 

Wiesbaden Christmas Market,

          Drinking hot chocolate before my phone decided that it wasn't going to take anymore pictures. I took some on my big camera and will add them to this post soon. 

I'm going to leave you with a few Christmas Market facts and a bit of history.

Weihnachtsmarkt is the German word for Christmas market. The market is usually held in the town square or small roads. Vendors sell food, drinks, ornaments, clothes, pastries, homemade spices and soaps. 
Some locals said that Christmas markets were for the people to stock up on supplies and food for cold winter months. 
We certainly followed that tradition and stocked up on so many goodies. 

Thanks for stopping by. :) 

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