Trip to Hessenpark

I have been meaning to write about this trip and finally have the time to sit down and do it. 

We went to the Hessenpark open air museum with my Mommy and Me group and fell in love with this place. 
The museum show cases half timbered buildings throughout. There is the Village Church, Synagogue, village school, post office, market place, bakery,the Windmill, the Water Mill, and the Blacksmith's Shop. 

We walked down this forest path and the children played and explored 
Vida loved the forest xylophone 

You follow the path and you come right to a field full of fluffy sheep. 

I had to keep Vida from climbing in 

And from open mouth kissing the sheep lol she loves animals 

The perfect life 

Exploring the windmill 

It was a chilly day but we had fun. We stopped by the bakery in the museum and headed home for a long nap. We are definitely coming back in the summer. 


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