December 5, 2015

On Our Way To: Limburg,Germany

A few weeks ago we took a day trip to Limburg, Germany by train and got to explore this cute, charming town 

This is the cathedral, It was stunning on the inside too. 

It has been completely restored on the inside. 

The house of the seven deadly sins. 
Can you name all seven? 

View of the Cathedral from the Lahn Bridge 

Exploring with our babies 

Cozy blankets for customers to use at the cafe 

This statue/ fountain in the middle of town. 

This cute lavender bike right outside the cutest lavender shop. I bought some lavender bath salts. 

I forget what these are called but they are marshmallow cream covered in chocolate. So delicious. The sweet man at the bakery gave each of us on the tour a free one. :) 

We walked around and we spotted a very neat vintage toy shop. Everything was expensive and fragile so Vida didn't go in lol 

We had such a fun day exploring Limburg. 
The train ride home is always 
Vida's favorite part. 

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