Dutch Baby/German Pancake

Vida loves to mix anything and everything.
It could be water and soap, as long as she can use her Mickey whisk she's happy.
 Some afternoons she'll ask me if she can mix and it's so adorable.
 We love making muffins, banana bread and cookies together.
Today we decided to try out this recipe for Dutch Babies or German Oven Pancake. 

I did let her mix the ingredients in the bowl so she could help and once we were done pouring I quickly put it in my blender and then poured it into the hot buttered pan. 

         She could do this everyday. 

Going through Tiana's cookbook while we wait for the Dutch baby to bake. She's already on the next recipe. :)

Here is our Dutch Baby warm and fresh out of the oven. You can top it with powdered sugar, jam or fresh lemon juice. 

It puffed up really nicely but sadly it got burnt. My German oven is really tiny and before I knew it, the pancake was hitting the top of the oven. Oops! 
so I took off the burnt parts and it still tasted really good and some parts were still fluffy. 

She couldn't wait to try it!!

Thanks for stopping by. 


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