January 2, 2016

Mommy and Me Book Club: Jan Brett

            "The Mitten" sugar cookies 

Earlier this month I hosted "Mommy & Me Book Club" at my house with my mommy group. 
The author of the month was Jan Brett. My favorite author of all time. I remember moving to Canada and not knowing a word of English but I would read her books and getting lost in the pictures.
Now, I have her books to share with my girl. 

I set up a dessert table for the kids to go with the hot chocolate bar. 

I used her books for decor 

        Little mittens on cream puffs.  

   We used mittens to paint. The girls had so much fun dipping their mittens into the paint and placing them on the paper. 

We went up to the cozy attic and read books with the kids and had a delicious lunch after to end the day. 

Can't wait for this month's mommy and me book club. :) 

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