February 25, 2016


I have been waiting for this moment to start for quite some time now. 
We finally found a toddler gymnastics class in our city! I was getting so discouraged because some of the classes I had found were for ages 3 and up and some even 4 and up. I didn't want anything hardcore professional but I wanted her to get familiar with the equipment, to follow the teacher in German and follow the example of the other children. 
The first day was tough, she just ran around like she was a wild animal. The teachers told her to sit down and do the greeting song, but she refused, so  I had to bribe her with candy for her to sit down and wait. It worked, and I didn't have any candy on me. I told a little white lie, oops. She forgot all about it. 
The second day went perfect. She did the greeting song, sat next to her new friend while I sat next to her and she even did the goodbye song too. She waited for the teacher to give them the okay to go on the equipment. All in German too. So proud of her. I'm also learning too. It's not easy when you have mush for a brain haha. 


She's a pro at this!! Check out that arm strength! We will continue classes until the summer and then we start ballet!! 

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-Acsa & Vida 



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