February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016


Can't believe how fast this month and year is going. How is it Valentine's Day weekend? 
Vida and I hosted a Valentine brunch with our expat friends here at the house. I made heart shaped pancakes, fresh whipped cream, cupcakes and coconut mocha frappuchinos. One mom even made sushi for us and we ate that for lunch. Heaven on earth!! 
   And we can't forget German pastries!
           Almond raspberry mini tarts. 
The kids created their very own Valentine cards and made heart stamps using a folded toilet paper roll and paint. 

As a thank you the moms received homemade soap made from currant and coconut oil. You know, for when they get a chance to have a bubble bath...in a few years lol 

We went to a second V-day party this afternoon and Vida created a card holder using paper and yarn. It was so adorable to see her weaving the yarn in and out. Such a big girl. 


After lunch the kids handed out Valentine cards and one friend gave out yellow roses. How cute is that? Vida loves flowers. 

This year I decided to make chocolate mermaid tails for her to hand out to friends. Sadly, I was unable to find colored candy melts and adding food coloring to the mixture makes the candy melts hard and changes it to a solid. Fail! 
So I made white tails and painted green glitter food coloring on them instead. They still looked cute and the kids ate them up quick. 
Vida painted paper with blue and teal water colors, I added glitter and used my mini star fish hole punch to make it more decorative. 
The card says  We "Mermaid" to be friends. ( we were made to be friends) :) 
I thought it was cute and "punny" lol. 

Dada was gone on a business trip and came back with goodies for his girls. We have no plans for this long weekend but we are definitely sleeping in and maybe a trip to the zoo would be a fun family outing. On Sunday we are going to try to make sushi! After watching my friend make it, I think I can do it. Fingers crossed. 
 Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day weekend!

Vida and Acsa 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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