Big Sister Vida


We have big news! Vida is going to be a big sister. 
Baby Harper #2 is expected to arrive July/23rd. 

She keeps asking for a "tister" or a "puppy" 

Since this pregnancy came at huge surprise, I feel terrible but I was like 9 weeks and had no idea I was pregnant. The one thing that had me guessing I was pregnant was the sight or smell of hamburgers grossed me out. I love hamburgers when I'm not pregnant, and Germans have the best burgers, I have ever had. I was the same way when I was pregnant with Vida. I couldn't even look at them on TV!! It was awful. And she won't eat hamburgers or ground beef. 
I called Anthony to tell him how I was feeling and to grab a pregnancy test from the store. And yup, I was "schwanger" lol. I was in complete shock. Everything finally made sense, I had been so sleepy, I even changed around my diet but nothing was changing. I wanted to go to bed at 7pm and sleep for a 1,000 years.
 I could sleep standing up leaning against a wall if you let me. I would also  be starving every night at 2am, with huge hunger pains like I had not eaten in days!! 

We had so much going on after December,  and with a last minute emergency trip to the USA, I wasn't able to see or meet my ObGyn until I was 18 weeks. Thankfully, my primary care doctor was able to do an ultrasound around 9 weeks to confirm the pregnancy and to make sure the baby had a heartbeat. Sadly she couldn't measure or tell me exactly how many weeks I was so she guessed, she was off by a week so that wasn't too bad.  
So here we are now. I'm feeling great. No more sleepiness and no nausea or morning sickness, thank the Lord. 

I'm going to try to do weekly bump photos but my little weekly pregnancy  banner I ordered got lost in the mail, so now I have to improvise and I'm not feeling very creative this time around. Ahh second child problems am I right? Lol 
We will be announcing the gender soon so come back soon!! 

Thank you for stopping by. :) 


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