Easter 2016


Happy Easter, everyone.  Hope you all had a beautiful day with family and friends. I'm feeling extra lazy this week, I think from overeating candy and my husband's fluffy pancakes all weekend. 

We had such a fun weekend. We started Saturday morning by driving over to the base and participating in the USO's annual egg hunt. It was our first time and we had a lot of fun. They had snacks, drinks and pictures with the Easter bunny set up and a huge egg hunt separated by ages which went rather fast but very smoothly. Kids are quick when it comes to finding eggs haha. 

We couldn't get her near the bunny last year but this year she actually let me sit her in his lap. She didn't crack a smile until she slid off and gave him a high five. 

Sunday afternoon we set out her basket to open, since we all woke up so late. It was nice to sleep in though. 

               Going through her basket 

We had a friend and her baby girl over for brunch. We had delicious French toast, pancakes, eggs, the best German bacon, fruit and coconut whipped cream and we can't forget mocha iced coffee. 

Bunny pancake for my little bunny foo foo 

Here she is eating that said bunny like it was about to hop off her plate. Lol 

We painted eggs and had a relaxing afternoon with our friends. It was very cold and rainy so we skipped the egg hunt in our backyard. We watched Disney movies and the girls played the day away together. 

It was such a beautiful day, so grateful for Jesus' sacrifice on that day, his never ending love and his blessings in our life. 
He is risen indeed. 


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