March 25, 2016

Vida's Easter Basket

This year's basket is full of girlie goodness :) 

We have plastic eggs full of stickers, Honest and EOS Chapstick, hair clips I made, a itty bitty Cinderella doll, A German Easter book, a Paris book, my brother got for Vida, Sophia and Co hair clips and a gorgeous flower halo and the cutest book I have ever read, 'Anna Loves Elsa' it's full of flaps, gatefolds and pop up tabs and lots and lots of glitter on every page. 

I can't wait for V to see her basket all nice and full on Sunday morning. 

I love love love Easter!! 
I still can't believe my brothers and I missed out on Easter baskets and egg hunts growing up. What's funny is that my parents didn't celebrate the commercial side of Easter, only the religious side, but guess who gets an Easter basket full of goodies every year from her Grandparents? Yup, Vida! Who are these people? Lol. 
I'm so glad they can see how fun it is and I believe that celebrating holidays only keeps the innocence and magic inside a child for much longer. Once she's older and understands more we will tell her about Jesus and the importance of Easter and the resurrection.   

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Happy Friday!! 

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