April 11, 2016

Palmengarten in Frankfurt

inside the Tropicarium 
This last week, I decided to take my girl to the indoor botanical garden in Frankfurt. It was quick 20 minute drive from Wiesbaden and parking was super easy to find.

This place is absolutly breathtaking. The indoor garden, the mini aquarium, the outdoor gardens with little duck filled ponds and large greenhouses were just a few of the things to see and do there.

For 7 euro, kids under 3 are free, you start your day inside the botanical garden, you make your way around and step outside to the perfectly manicured lawns, perfectly planted flowers and walk over to the 'Palm House' inside this huge mansion there are a variety of plants,trees,palms and a cute little grotto, with a waterfall. The plants are so lush and green, it feels like a tropical oasis. I wish I had known about this place when the winter blues hit, this would have cured that right away.

right next to the grotto is a little cave with a mini aquarium inside.

We took a little walk outside to see and in Vida's case smell all the beautiful flowers. 

                           We took a little stroll around the garden and visited the  'Tropicarium'
To keep with the plants natural habitat, you will notice as walk through, that the plants are all divided by groups. The groups are: The southern group, here you will see plants from arid tropics. In the Northern group is for the humid tropics.  In the centre you'll find is the home for the bromeliads (I totally had to google what that was) the fourth group, is not accessible for guests but can seen from the outside is the greenhouses that which contain the Palmengarten's botanical collection.

Told her it was sharp, she didn't believe me lol

inside the rainforest

saying hello to the birds

When you step inside the rainforest, you will get wet, make sure to protect your phones and cameras.
There is also a constant light mist sprayed throughout

little fingers exploring  

The Palmengarten also has 2 playgrounds, a mini water play area, mini golf, a rock garden, a blossom greenhouse, an outdoor grotto, a cafe, an open field to play in, boat rentals, a large music pavailion for summer concerts, and a large rose garden.

It was nice and sunny when we arrived, then it became a bit cloudy and it started to rain, so we spent the rest of the afternoon inside. 
We hope to go next week and have a picnic in the rose garden and spend the whole day at the playground. 

Thank you for stopping by, if you're in the Frankfurt area, you definitely need to go and visit the Palmengarten.

P.s- A little birdie over at the Palmengarten told me, they are in the works for an indoor butterfly botanial garden to come soon. I seriously cannot wait!! 

-Acsa & Vida xoxo

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