Cinco de Mayo 2016

We had our friends over for a delicious Mexican fiesta last Thursday for Cinco de Mayo. 

I love Mexican food, I could eat it everyday. Maybe I was Mexican in another life? Lol 
I'm pretty good at making Mexican food, that I even surprise my Mexican friends. 

I made my famous shredded chicken with cilantro and ground beef for the kiddos. Friends made some delicious homemade salsa, which I ate like I was going to the electric chair. 
We had a huge taco bar with all the toppings. I seriously couldn't stop eating. #pregnantlady 

I wish I had taken a photo earlier when the pitcher was full. I made watermelon agua Fresca and oh my gosh it was amazing. As you can see, it didn't last long. 
I will share the recipe below. 

For dessert I made horchata cupcakes. I already has the horchata mix so that made these cupcakes easy and quick to make. I topped them with whipped cream and strawberries and totally forgot to dust them with cinnamon. 

You can't forget about "tres leches" cake. This was so easy to make and it had been years since I had made it. Everyone loved it. 

For decor, V and I made papel picado out of tissue paper and we hung a taco shell garland which just looks so cute. 

This is vida's favorite game now. Pinning the tail on the donkey stayed up all week for her. 

Hope you all had a great Cinco de Mayo and got to indulge in some delicious Mexican food. Germany is a great place to live, sadly Germans just can't seem to make Mexican food. The effort is there but the food really tastes bad. It's just made wrong. I've had it twice and the urge to go in the kitchen to help is strong. I was once served salsa and it tasted like ketchup that had been watered down, I wanted to cry because I was craving salsa and chips so bad!! 
So now when we want really good "Mexican" food we always end up at Chiptole. It never disappoints! 

Here is the recipe for

'Watermelon Agua Fresca" 

1 small watermelon or larger if you are serving more people 

1-2tbs of sugar or more to taste 

Enough water to get the consistency you like. 

Freeze watermelon, toss it in the blender with some water and blend until smooth or watery. Your preference. Add sugar to taste and serve with mint leaves. 


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