May 30, 2016

Vida's 3rd Birthday Cinderella Party

Vida has been in love with the new Cinderella movie since it came out on DVD last year. 
For being a live action film, she can watch the whole thing beginning to end and loves the part where Ella rides her horse, this girl loves horses.
So I decided to do a Cinderella theme party for her, but have the party be more about Ella's beautiful childhood. I love the beginning scene of her and her mom in the garden, surrounded by flowers and animals. I wanted to incorporate that into the party, and living in Germany, wildflowers are everywhere and growing right in our backyard.
food table

I rented a few vintage pieces for the party. This flower stand is just so stunning.

glitter Cinderella garland

for lunch we served chicken salad sandwiches,fresh fruit,veggies, carriage spinach dip,mac and cheese, mini Pb&J sandwiches and kettle chips

This is a free printable found here

Fresh blueberries in my vintage teacups

I totally forgot to take a photo of the bread bowl I made to look like a carriage, I cut out some bread into wheels and attached the to the sides of the round bread bowl

my first attempt at a flower wall

next time, I won't put them up so early. They wilted pretty fast

Glitter wands for the little princesses and princes

I bought some vintage Cinderella books and made her a banner from the pages

Vida's guestbook

mommy bar

This is a free printable found here

Organic juice for the kids and fresh pink lemonade. I also had lilacs in ice cubes ready to go :)

a little vintage tea cart. I'm thinking of buying it and having it painted white. Vida loves playing with it.

My sweet friend made these coloring books for me

I love watercolor she did a fantastic job

the dress!!! The dress that caught my eye, took 6 weeks to arrive but it arrived. I want her to wear this forever.

Personalized hanger made by my sweet friend, Beth you can find her on FB and Instagram @handcraftedaffairs

our dresses

Here comes the birthday girl

doing ballet moves

We picked some roses from our garden before the guests arrived. I love how gentle she is with the roses

She wanted a slice of cake right there and then lol

I love naked cakes, the filling was vanilla bean custard with fresh strawberries

she just wanted to chill there

a little nervous about meeting Ella :)

always observing first...

with my sweet friend Taylor grabbing a Mimosa

Giving Ella lots of hugs

Happy Birthday Vida, your daddy and I love you so much :)

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