August 15, 2016

Leo: 1 Month

For Leo's monthly updates, I'm going to use a variety of fruits and veggies to make out the numbers. You've probably seen moms using flowers to spell out words and numbers for their baby's monthly updates and I think it's adorable. Since Leo had me craving lots of fruits and veggies during the pregnancy, I thought it would be cute to use fruits and veggies. Of course I had to use a banana to match his Honest Banana diapers. 

Leo 1 month, August 1st 

11 pounds & 3oz

22 Inches

Newborn clothing is finally starting to fit a bit snug, 
he's slowly moving into 0-3 months 

Milestones this month? 
Putting on some good amount of weight and holding his head up. 
I feel like he is extremely nosy and needs to be looking around all time. 

Special outings this month?
Took BOTH kids to the splash pad. I was so nervous, but it was good. We even got lunch at the park and Leo napped the whole time we were there. 

Thoughts about the past month?
I was so nervous to be a mom of two and a newborn all over again, but just like every mom told me, you learn your limits and you get into a routine pretty quick. Can't believe I lost sleep over this, I was worried it would be overwhelming and I would feel so lost but in the end it all works out. 

What is his routine like?
Pretty much sleeping and eating all day. 
He's been sleeping longer stretches at night now. 

Any big changes?
He is very strong in his movements, he will kick his legs really hard if he's upset. 
He also knows that crying gets him more than grunting. He no longer likes to be swaddled, makes me sad, because I love baby burritos. 
He's looking around more and smiling. 

What are his favorite things right now? 
His contrast cards, sleeping on my chest and the sound of the vacuum, it puts him right to sleep. 

Things he doesn't like?
Taking a sponge bath, he cries and cries until I change him and bundle him up. I finally was comfortable enough to give him a bath in the sink and he loves that way more than the sponge bath. 

What are you looking forward to? 
More baby chunk lol. 
I can't wait for him to be so big and fat with big rolls on his arms and legs, 
just like Vida. I love chunky babies.  

One week

Two weeks

Three weeks 

Four weeks 

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