September 7, 2016

Back to Schule

 Someone was so excited to be going back to 'Schule'

Her school only takes a short two week summer break, so after she was done with her acclimation period,she went on summer vacation and was ready to go on her own and I was able to go home. It was a big milestone for both us.

My happy girl, she went to school at 9:00 and when I picked her up at 12:30 she asked me if she could take a nap, she was so exhausted from playing all day.

I was finally able to take a few photos of her classroom and school when the kids were outside playing.  Here is a little tour of her school. 

Walking to school 

When you walk in, you go down a few steps to this little area where the kids hang their coats, and take off their outdoor shoes and put on their "hausschuhe" which translates to house shoes or slippers. 

We go up to the second level to where the classrooms are. 

Family photos on the door of her classroom 

This is one side of the classroom. They have a tree house inside. Vida loves playing in there. 

The little wooden desks are beyond adorable 

The other side. The Windows look out to the fields and vineyards

 Taking a little drink of "wasser" the children in her class all drink sparkling water. Vida is not use to drinking that and it made her gag  each time she drank it. Her teachers couldn't understand why she didn't like it. But my girl always tried it, 
knowing she wasn't going to like it. Thankfully the teachers let me bring in water for her. The children are also served strawberry tea if they do not want water and now my daughter is hooked on tea 
This is her little hook in her classroom. We got her the cutest Peruvian knapsack from this little town not far from ours where this lady from Spain, who travels to Peru and sells merchandise here in Germany. Anthony, is half Peruvian and we love to share our cultures with her. 

Where the kids hang their  "rooksack" love their little artwork on the wall. 

 When you step right outside the classroom they have a little room full of playmats for the kids to play in. On the second level they have a full gymnastics room. 

It's really a great little school and Vida enjoys her time here. It's been a great transition for her. 

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