November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016


We had a such a fun weekend! 
We had Trick or Treating moved to the 29th of October this year 
The commander of the base thought it would be best if Halloween was celebrated on Saturday, that way, the soldiers and military personnel would be able to join in the fun and not have to rush back home and then back to the base during rush hour traffic to make it back on time. Also, with the time change, it would be darker earlier, so it was nice to Trick or Treat on Saturday and have the sun still shining until 6:30pm. 

     Vida had so much fun Trick or Treating this year ompared to last year, when she only wanted to be held and cried if we put her down. 
This girl had us sprinting after her. 
She was running from house to house,like candy was running out and she was the only one who knew this information so it was her ultimate goal to get all the candy before the other kids did. We were with a group of friends and we lost them, Vida was going that fast their kids couldn't keep up. We ended up seeing them half way through again,but Vida was still going full steam ahead. 

But when you start fast, you loose steam real quick. About 30 mins in and she wanted to be held and was complaining about being tired, she told her dad to get the candy and would hand us her treat bag from the stroller. Talk about a little princess. Lol 

This was Leo's first Halloween. My little Dalmatian had a blast being carried around and then took a nice long nap after. 

We ended up bringing the stroller because he gets heavy after a while. 

My costume was pretty much clothes I already owned, my blazer is from Gap kids and I found it at the thrift store. My wig was purchased off amazon and my cigarette holder is a  wooden dowel I painted black and the tip white. I think the red lip stick tied it all together nicely. Even dogs barked at  me. 

 For the kids costumes, I bought Vida's white clothes from the thrift store. $2 for the shirt and leggings, I painted the black spots with black paint and made the dog ears out of felt using a dog ear pattern I found on Martha Stewart's website. My friend painted spots on her face. 
For Leo, I put a Disney Dalmatian onesie over his white overall and cut out tiny felt puppy ears and glued them to a little white hat he had. 
He looked good enough to eat. 

On Sunday we stayed home and enjoyed a lazy day watching movies and staying in our pjs all day long. Vida carved a pumpkin with her dad, but she wanted nothing to do with the inside. It was way too "yucky" 
she thought it was so cool to see him all lit up at night. 

Last year she pronounced the word pumpkin, "Cal-quee" so we named him that. I never want to forget how she said that. It was so adorable. Now, she says pumpkin clearly.

So on Monday, we did Trunk O Treat at the base. It was so dark by 6pm, again I was very happy Trick or treating was changed. This was a nice and quick event, Vida wasn't running away and she knew to walk from trunk to trunk. 

 Getting candy from the T-Rex. 

We ate dinner at the event, can't go wrong with bratwurst and French fries on a late busy night. 

We arrive home and the German children in our neighborhood are standing in our driveway all dressed up. The parents that know us, told me they were heading to our house to ask for candy since we are the only American family in the town, I didn't know the kids in our town did this. It's slowly becoming popular here in Germany, just didn't think our tiny little town would have done this. Vida was so tired and ready to bed she handed a few pieces of candy to the kids and asked to go to bed. Maybe next year we will go with our German friends and go trick or treating. 

It was such a fun weekend with friends but I'm glad it's over. 
The Halloween decor is all packed up until next year, the candy has been sorted and now it's time to plan Thanksgiving. 

Hope you all had a wonderful night with your kids. 
I'm glad we get to enjoy these moments with our kids and make
 memories that will last a lifetime.  


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