December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

I cannot believe Christmas came and went so fast. 
We had a beautiful Christmas surrounded by friends and my brother who came to visit us from Spain. 
Sharing a few snap shots of our weekend below :)

This little dress belonged to Anthony's cousin who is a teenager now, she passed it on to my niece and now it was Vida's year to wear it. 
I am so excited to start a little tradition with the girls in our family and 
seeing how far this dress goes. 
Vida loved the glitter on this dress and kept spinning in it all night. 

Of course after her little photo session with her dad,she didn't want to take a photo with us.

Christmas Morning was very quiet. I woke up early and the kids woke up at 11:30. I'm not even kidding. By the time we finished eating breakfast it was 1pm. 
I made Nutella Hot Chocolate and we watched the kids open their presents. 
Leo was ready to go. It was so cute to see him tearing up the paper 

A Frozen floor puzzle. 
helping, what are big sister's for?

so excited to open her Ariel make up
Uncle Matthew

big girl bike!! 

We also got her a wooden coffee maker by Melissa and Doug, a wooden sushi set and fake food for her kitchen 

Stocking stuffers are my favorite. I filled hers with a Dory snack holder, Frozen Utensils, stickers and play-doh. 

After presents we watched Home Alone 1&2, Jingle All the Way and Elf while eating left over turkey. After a short little nap for me we made a gingerbread house. 

time to build a Gingerbread House

she wanted her dad to do the sticky frosting, she didn't want any getting on her fingers lol

So delicious, Hanzel and Gretal wouldn't be able to resist

Not happy, next year buddy, I promise 
The final product, I really liked this Gingerbread House kit. The frosting was easy to work with and the house comes assembled, so it is ready to go.

      I still can't believe I had two babies to celebrate Christmas with this year
I hope you all a magical Christmas Day :)           

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