December 12, 2016

Leo| 4 months old

Weight? 17 pounds 

Height?  Not sure 

Clothing size? 6 months some 9 month 

Milestones this month? Lots of babbling and blowing raspberries. 

Special outings this month? Nothing special, just Thankgiving dinner with friends. 

Thoughts about the past month? It's been rough now that his naps are getting shorter and he's easily woken up with loud noises. Aka the big sister. 

What is his routine like? Still the same as last month. 

Any big changes? He's gotten much heavier lol. 

What are his favorite things right now? Watching his sissy and his crinkle noise toys 

What are you looking forward to? 
Family Christmas photos. Can't believe we have two babies now


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