December 21, 2016

Leo| 5 Months

Weight? 17 Pounds

Height? Not sure 

Clothing size? 6 months 

Milestones this month? He rolled from back to front and cried, he then rolled front to back and was super pleased with himself. He is starting to sit up, but still flops over 

Special outings this month? We went to see Santa 5 times this month. 

 Thoughts about the past month? It's been easy during the night, he sleeps really good, it's his nap times that are becoming shorter and shorter. But so far everything is going well. 

What is his routine like? Hasn't changed much from last time. He is playing with his toys much more now. 

Any big changes? Aware of everything going on and always has his eye on his sister wherever we go. 

What are his favorite things right now? His sister, he loves when she plays peek a boo. He also likes to sleep in my lap. 

What are you looking forward to? Christmas morning with two kids. 

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