January 11, 2017

Snowy Day in Germany

 We finally got snow!!! 

It didn't snow at all last year and I couldn't wait for Vida to see snow for the first time.
We woke up on Tuesday morning to about 4 inches of snow (I know its not much but it didn't stop snowing all day) I think by 6pm we were up to 6inches. My parents who live in Ontario, Canada got 16 inches over night. That is crazy. I am happy we had enough to play in. Vida kept saying "I want to build a snowman" so we ate breakfast quickly and took about 30 minutes putting on our winter gear. 
She was a little unsure at first but once she stood in it for a while she picked up snow and made her first snowball.

me doing all the work and her posing for her dada

snow baby

baby brother joined us for a bit and fell asleep in my arms

After playing in the snow, we made hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and spent the rest of the day being lazy and watching Disney movies.

It was the best snow day ever.

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