On Our Way To: Strasbourg, France

We took a little day trip over to Strasbourg, France last week when my brother was visiting from Spain. It was about a 2 and a half hour drive from our home in Germany to Strasbourg, I was so happy both kids slept the entire way there and back.
It was a really cold and rainy day in France when we arrived. On the drive there, we had huge snowflakes falling and I was wishing they would be falling as soon as we arrived, sadly, we just got light rain and sleet. 

Here are a few snapshots of our day there.

This Gothic sandstone Cathedral is breathtaking. You can go in for free and stroller friendly 

My brother standing in front of the "Cathedral of Our Lady"

Catching snowflakes

every time we travel, we buy a postcard, and we send one to our parents in Canada.

Vida said this is Belle's Castle

Inside the Cathedral is this Astronomical Clock

Take a picture of me, posing like this lol

 We crossed over this bridge and made our way to "Petite France"
She hates being cold, but always wants to be outside

Maison des tanneurs

Baby Bear came out from hibernation

Palace Kleber

We stopped for chocolat chaud and macarons. You haven't had delicious hot chocolate, until you have had hot chocolate from France.

We have to thank Grandma for this perfect coat and hat

So happy they kept their Christmas lights on even though their Christmas market was over.

France will always have my heart, I feel so at home here. 
Since I was raised in Canada, I learned French from elementary school
 all the way to high school. 
It felt so nice to be able to communicate with everyone.
We didn't visit any parks or gardens because of the weather, but I hope to return when its warmer and do lots more sightseeing.

Thanks for stopping by.


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