February 8, 2017

Leo|6 Months

 Weight? 18.4 pds

Height? Not sure 

Clothing size? 6-9 months 

Milestones this month? Turning from back to belly and belly to back. Blowing raspberries to whomever gets close to his face. Yeah, not cool when it's a complete stranger. 
Special outings this month? We went to France for the day. He slept for most of the trip, woke up to eat and once he went back in his stroller he fell asleep. 

Thoughts about the past month?He definitely is more aware of his surroundings and much more clingy with me and I feel a little bit more worn out with having to hold him more throughout the day, other than that he's a very happy baby and is in love with his sissy. 

What is his routine like? His naps are shorter but sleeping much more during the night time. 

Any big changes? He seems to be teething but I don't see any teeth at all 

What are his favorite things right now? Riding in his stroller, he's so chill in there but I have to keep moving haha. He owns me. 
What are you looking forward to? 
I want to see him try to get up on his hands and hold himself up. We gave him a taste of puréed food but he wasn't ready. Will try again next month

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