April 20, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2017!! This was my first Easter with two babies. Leo didn't do much egg hunting, he just watched his sister grab eggs while I held him.
 When she was done she would come over and gave him a few eggs, he had his own little basket that I found at the dollar store. It's really tiny, I'm not to sure what it could be used for. But it was the perfect size for him.
Isn't it so cute and tiny? He's a little bear with a picnic basket 

We did a total of 4 egg hunts Friday to Saturday. So Sunday we stayed home,made pancakes and Anthony made me extra strong coffee because I was exhausted

Leo got to meet the Easter bunny for the first time. As you can see he's thrilled. 
We did a 1-5 year old egg hunt and Vida had a blast. She got so many stickers she asked me if we could home right away so she could use them 

On Saturday we did en egg hunt every hour from noon to 3pm for kids in the 0-3 age group 
It was so cold that afternoon and she insisted on wearing the Easter dress my parents sent her. So I told her she had to wear a sweater and a coat. Between egg hunts we went indoors to do crafts, eat food,decorate cookies and get her face painted. 

So thankful this was here so we could keep busy and stay warm 

I couldn't time Leo's naps with the Easter bunny so I couldn't get a photo of them together with the bunny, next year for sure. 

Later that evening Disney's Imagination Movers came to perform for the kids. 
Vida was dancing the whole night,she slept like a rock that night and didn't get up until 11:30 the next morning.

Sunday morning I got the kids baskets set out and it was so cute to see Leo digging through his and then quickly crawling over to Vida's to terrorize her and take her stuff 

So sad he didn't get any chocolate 
Stealing her gift card,no shame 

All is good, he got a book with his name on it. 

While Vida napped Sunday afternoon, I took this little bunny and took a few Easter photos in his bunny ears and bunny Honest Co diapers. He looks so cute. 

Since Monday was a holiday in Germany, Vida didn't have school we headed to the Palmengarten in Frankfurt, for their Easter event and egg hunt. It's so beautful there, they had live bunnies and delicious chocolate. 

We spent the whole day here walking the gardens,watching the swans and stopping by their cafe for dessert and coffee. 

It was such a fun Easter this year with my loves. I can't wait to see Leo hunt for eggs next year. 
Hope you all had a great Easter 

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