July 21, 2017

12 Months

Weight? 18 pds 
Clothing size? 12 months and 3/6 month shoes. He has tiny feet 
Milestones this month? Two more teeth and is hanging onto furniture and taking little steps 
Special outings this month? Nope, we had family come to visit. 
Thoughts about the past month? I'm so exhausted with breastfeeding but I want to continue until he's at least 17-18 months. 
What is his routine like? Same not much as changed. 
Any big changes? He's such a loud baby compared to just a few months ago. He sometimes startles me with his loud squeaks. 
What are his favorite things right now? Napping in the car and he loves straws. Give him a straw to hold and he's so happy. 
What are you looking forward to? His first birthday party :)  

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