August 13, 2017

Leonardo Turns 1 

Here are a few photos of Leo's 1st birthday. The theme we chose was Leo's Farmers Market, he loves fruit and veggies and for decor it was easy and so much fun to play around with. 

The garland was cut out from a book called 'A to Z fruit and veggies' 
I made vanilla cupcakes with whipped cream frosting 
The baker used real fruit and veggies for his cake topper 
Didn't even take a bite of his cupcake. Just like his sister at that age. 
Thank goodness for his big sister to help open presents :)
I kept this party super simple. Leo is a very clingy baby and didn't leave me much time to make a lot of desserts like I did for Vida's 1st birthday. But he had fun and he passed out shortly after everyone left. He had a great party. Maybe next year he'll like cake :

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