Vida's 4th Birthday

I am such a bad mom!! I forgot to post about Vida's 4th birthday party on here. It was such a hectic couple of months too. We had her party early, we moved to another house the following week, we took a quick trip to Holland, my parents came to visit from Canada and we took a trip to Spain together. I had like zero time to upload photos from my camera to my laptop. Oops! So glad all that is over and we are back to normal. 

Vida wanted a mix of stuff for her 4th Birthday. She could not decide on a theme, so I decided to use all her favorite things. I let her decorate the cart with anything she wanted and I added the little signs. 
Guests took home a party bag full of her favorite things which included, Kinder Surprise Egg, Play-Doh, stickers, Nemo tattoos,bubbles and an organic lollipop. She had so much fun putting them together and it was such a big help for me. 

Still can't believe I have a 4 year old. 
Kids grow way too fast. 


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